Combined Search


In "Combined Search" module, users can search interested region-gene-disease associations with multiple filters.

Enhancer Target Gene: Users can input one or multiple gene symbols to search the disease-associated enhancers that regulated the genes. Searching multiple genes at once is supported. The input should be delimited by commas. The searching will be performed in fuzzy approach.

Disease: Users can choose the interested disease, and multiple diseases could be selected at once.

Genomic Region: Please input the interested genomic region to check whether some disease-associated enhancers were located in this region. Only one region can be input at once, and the format should be like "chr8:126998202-128990000".

Batch Search


In "Batch Search" module , users can search the disease-associated enhancers in specific regions by selecting diseases and inputting Genomic regions or uploading a "BED3" format file. The BED file should be in tab delimited format without header. Each line of the file must be a BED3 format record. Information about UCSC BED format.

Input file format

The sever will return the corresponding records of disease-enhancer interaction.
Each query for region search will spend about 10 seconds.