Introduction for CancerSEA

ScRNA-seq provides an unprecedented opportunity to explore the functional heterogeneity of cancer cells. CancerSEA is the first dedicated database that aims to comprehensively decode distinct functional states of cancer cells at single-cell resolution.

Functions of CancerSEA
  1. Providing a cancer single-cell functional state atlas, involving 14 functional states of 41,900 cancer single cells from 25 cancer types.
  2. Querying which functional states the gene (including PCG and lncRNA) or gene list of interest is related to across different cancer types.
  3. Providing PCG/lncRNA repertoires that are highly related to functional states at single-cell resolution.
No. cancer type 27
No. cancer single-cells 93475
No. single-cell datasets 74
No. cell groups 292
No. PCGs 18895
No. lncRNAs 15571


If you use CancerSEA in your work, please cite our publication: CancerSEA: a cancer single-cell state atlas. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019.