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How to submit:

Upload Files: Please upload a plain text file of numerical gene expression values with rowname as gene identifier (Gene Symbol, Gene ID, or Ensembl ID without version number) and colname as sample ID. Example of data format:

GeneSymbol sample1 sample2 sample3 sample4
TSPAN6 12.67 97.67 32.35 24.36
TNMD 0.02 0.09 0 0.01
DPM1 24.11 43.36 39.22 58.51

Note: There should be no missing values (NA or Inf) within the table. Expression profile should contains no more than 50 samples, the results of seperated samples can be merge directly.

Cancer type: Please choose the corresponding cancer type (only TCGA cancer type is available) in order to get the reference tumor immunophenotype profiling from the TCGA data.

Type of data: RNA-seq or Microarray data is accepted. Note: RNA-seq TPM data should not be log-transformed.

Format of file: For RNA-seq, count or TPM data is allowed.

Click the "Submit" button, TIP will generate results in minutes (2.5 minutes per sample on average). More details