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LNCat is a comprehensive database resource that stores the information of 24 currently available lncRNA annotation resources, provides genome browser of lncRNA structures for each resource and visualization of comprehensive comparison analysis results among these resources from multiple angles. LNCat supports rapid exploration, comparison and integration of different lncRNA annotation resources and allows researchers to achieve refined annotation of lncRNAs within the interested region.

Services Provided

LNCat provides the following services:
(1)Genome browser. LNCat provides the Browser portal to browse lncRNA structures from 13 lncRNA annotation resources, enabling the visualization of all exon structures by searching lncRNAs by gene names, IDs or genomic coordinates, which can thus help to discover common (or unique) exon structures across these annotation resources.
(2)Visualization. The Visualization portal exhibits the comparative analysis results among different resources from multiple angles, including genomic information (exon number, gene length, genomic coverage, classes of lncRNAs, genomic distance, conservation and repetitive elements), expression, tissue specificity, chromatin signature and function. Users can inspect and compare these lncRNA annotations.
(3)Download. LNCat allows users to download all lncRNA annotations for each resource at any annotation level (including gene level, transcript level and region level) if available. It can also allow users to flexibly select resources of interest, and then perform integration of the resources in the union or intersection manner.

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Please, in any article making use of the data extracted from LNCat, refer to:
A comprehensive overview of lncRNA annotation resources